Sometimes Madness is Wisdom…


Congrats! You are seeing this message because it has come to my attention that certain assumptions are apparently being made as to why I would disconnect, nay disown, my Simpson side of the family – parents included.

There are valid reasons on my side as to the specific disconnections that I have made. It’s rather interesting that it’s okay for others within this family to use or threaten disowning of others in the past for their own needs. Yet when I do it…

Actually, that’s essentially how it’s always been. Others can get away with bullshit. But I cannot. Others feel compelled to correct or discipline me or refuse to take me seriously. I’m done with it.

I’m surprised that no one appears to have yet wondered, “hrm, why would Kris do that? It doesn’t make sense. Surely, she must have a good reason as to why…what happened?” Well, no one, I’m glad you brought that up! Because there is!

In fact, I’ve kept much of this quiet since Halloween. Me, of questionable tact, general impatience, and stubbornly heeled, has not publicly shared what was sent to me.

My therapist has earned her keep.

For that matter, nor has anyone reached out to ask if I’m okay nor to find out what the hell is going on, which leads me to wonder if another story is traveling round (which may not be wholly accurate). Also, that my family doesn’t seem to know me as well as I thought they did.

Remember: my stubbornness kept me alive enough to fight Death and survive the odds. I will not bend.

It’s odd. Really odd. They all know my email address. I’ve had it for years, thanks to my spouse who has held me together for not only the years that we’ve loved each other, but most especially for these last four months where I debated my life because my family does not have my back after all.

I have brought shame, apparently. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time for me, now would it? The funny thing is that the idea of shame here? All illusion. It’s not mine.

So if anyone needs to know why I would do such a thing as to feel compelled to disconnect from a specific chain of the family tree, all you have to do is ask, instead of assume.

One thought on “Sometimes Madness is Wisdom…

  1. Rick Phillips

    I wrote a quirky little post that discussed Simponi in place of your family, but I erased it so I did not offend. If you wish reach out, I am cheaper than a therapist. 🙂


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