Some People Don’t Deserve to Work in Healthcare…Part 1


As an immunocompromised of over 25 years who depends on the healthcare industry and its workers, I have had it up to here with those who minimize or discredit health issues, such as being against vaccinations or minimizing global pandemics.

Today’s example is brought to us by Janie Hummel here in the Dayton, Ohio area. She claims Covid-19 is a benign virus. I’m certain that those who have died, as well as their loved ones, disagree for the obvious deadly truth.

Run a simple Google search and you can see that she’s even worked for WPAFB via healthcare.

Quite honestly, we deserve better from those working in healthcare. Your duty is to protect the health of the public but you choose to claim Covid-19 is a benign virus?


4 thoughts on “Some People Don’t Deserve to Work in Healthcare…Part 1

    • It’s become infuriating…they don’t comprehend that they are mocking the unnecessary deaths of many people. Completely innocent people slaughtered by a virus left to spread unhindered. No one deserved to die from this. And they just look the other way, mumbling about numbers.


  1. Rick Phillips

    worse still our son is interested in making sure hair is done as soon as possible in MI, because his GF is a hairdresser shop owner. Ugh. Kids


  2. Joseph Dalconzo

    Wow, I stumbled across this- she and I got into it last night about Colon Cancer, where she claimed it was totally my fault for diet (dismissing the obvious genetic link in my family). I’m really glad you posted this, she got me all kinds of worked up last night. I have a ton of screenshots if you’re interested.


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