You Are Not a Martyr #1


Welcome to a new series called “You Are Not a Martyr!”

In this series, I go off on the ridiculous proclamations of so-called martyrdom that too many healthcare workers feel compelled to make due to their employer requiring vaccination against Covid-19. Truly, these people likely shouldn’t be working in healthcare in the first place.

Join me as I roast their bullshit pronouncements of self-sacrifice, where the only thing they’re really willing to sacrifice in this pandemic is the safety and health of the patients whom they profess to care about healing. Alas, their failure to even be vaccinated by this point in the pandemic along with their tantrums of medical oppression show them only to be liars and hypocrites. The audacity for them to think that they’re perfectly justified in putting the lives of patients at risk by refusing to be vaccinated within a line of work which exists specifically to protect, care for, and help patients. Is that really the kind of medical care you truly think we deserve? To be helped by healthcare workers who unapologetically refuse to protect not only patients, but the community at large?

We deserve better healthcare than what y’all are interested in providing us. We deserve vaccinated healthcare workers.

Today’s poor excuse of a healthcare so-called martyr is Chelcey Lundquist, found here:

My comments are in italic, unlike Chelcey’s bullshit…

*I will begin a 28 day unpaid suspension and ultimately will be terminated the 28th of October**

Why bother waiting? If you were really all that mad about the mandate, you’d walk away right now.

In 30 days, I’m being forced to walk away from the profession I have given my life and my heart to for the last 10 years.

Nah, you haven’t. If your heart and life were really into helping patients and being there for patients and caring about patients, you’d already be vaccinated. All I’m hearing is an ego trip trying to disguise itself as martyrdom. 

 I’m walking away from the only “big girl” job I’ve ever known.

Well, that explains things.

 I’m walking away from a position as a pharmacy tech, to which I have sacrificed years of my life to.

Oh, that’s nothing. I’ve sacrificed years of my life to healthcare workers that it turns out, I should never have trusted! Because while they claim that they’re doing this work to help us patients because they care about us patients, it turns out that was a lie. We were just the acid of their ego trip. 

 Sleeping at the hospital, continuing education, extra hours worked. 

All of that education in pharmacy tech and you still won’t vaccinate? Pathetic.

I’ll never get any of that back.

Pity. Come talk when you’re afraid to go to your specialist doctor appointments in a pandemic, especially when a healthcare worker’s ego trip prevents them from caring about protecting you.

I’m walking away because I refuse to allow someone to put something into my body that i don’t want. Not through bribery, force or coercion.

No one is forcing you to be a selfish asshole. You chose a job that serves patients and yet you won’t protect us in a pandemic. 

I’m walking away because it’s what’s best for myself and my family.

Nah, that’s all ego. If you cared about what was best for anyone right now in this unending pandemic (because of selfish egotistical brats like you), you would have been vaccinated as soon as you became eligible. Like the rest of us did, because we actually care to protect those around us. 

I’m walking away because “healthcare” has become a discriminatory, ugly beast. 

And there’s the oppressed white woman square on the bingo card! Healthcare has always been a discriminatory, ugly beast…Black Lives don’t matter in healthcare, especially the lives of Black women and Black mothers. So many gay men died of HIV/AIDS because y’all refused to care for them throughout the 80s onward. Anyone who wants a uterus removed is often refused; even told that their husband must grant permission. Also, trans people are often discriminated against, refused care, because healthcare workers see them as some ugly abomination instead of as a human being deserving of healthcare. And this is just the tip of the ugly beast’s tongue…

This is not what I signed up for. 

Yeah, well I didn’t sign up for a crippling incurable disease full of chronic inflammation and pain at the age of 15, which has required me to depend on healthcare workers to meet the needs of fighting my disease and obtaining treatment to try to control it for nearly 27 fucking years. Cry me a river. 

The healthcare I began my career in, was night and day different than this. We were blind to choices made by our patients that brought them to us. 

It’s not up to you, the pharmacy tech, to decide why a patient needs a particular medicine. It’s not up to you to do anything more than count, disperse, and hand over prescriptions. Sadly, that puts you in exposure range for many of us patients and you are not worth getting sick and dying for in this pandemic. 

We are not God, judge or jury. 

Thank the gods…

We are healing hands.

No, there’s nothing healing about you. You are a fucking hypocrite. You are pond scum. You are the E. Coli under Goatse’s fingernails (NSFW). There is nothing remotely healing about you, your intentions, nor your motivations. You only do this job to feel better about yourself, which is funnily enough the same reasons why y’all refuse to get vaccinated. You say you’re healing, yet your actions show that you care nothing for protecting the most vulnerable patients. 

I will walk away because it’s a lesson my child needs to see. 

If you really want to teach your son a valuable lesson, show him all of the bodies of Covid-19 victims being transported out of the hospital into the mobile morgue trucks and then tell him how Mommy is so smart because she refuses to get the vaccine that could help protect her, and by extension hopefully, him as well as allllllll of the patients that his Mommy professes to care about helping and healing. 

That his momma gave it her all and still lost. 

Tell it to all of the people who lost their lives to Covid-19 last year, before the vaccines were available. Your so-called loss is bullshit. 


This isn’t a little league baseball game. This is life and death in a pandemic. 

 He will see what mountains one voice can shake.

Your voice won’t say  much when they place the laryngoscope down your throat…nor will you be shaking since you’ll be sedated.

 He will see those mountains move with lots of voices.

The only things moving are body bag after body bag full of silenced victims of Covid-19 as they are transported into the refrigerated trucks. 

 He will see those mountains crumble with an army of voices. 

The only things crumbling are the lungs of Covid-19 victims, as they collapse and their family members, as they say goodbye over FaceTime. The only “army” worth mentioning is the National Guard and they’re actually doing something to fight this pandemic…unlike you: 

National Guard troops have helped distribute food and PPE, supported contact tracing and testing, and their medical teams have supported direct patient care and now will assist with vaccine administration.”

He will learn, his singular voice, is capable of amazing things.

Probably not, since I’m guessing that you’ll likely refuse to vaccinate him against Covid-19 too once his age range becomes eligible. By the way, you can’t really speak when you’re intubated. 

I will walk away with my head held high.

See, it was never about helping us patients. Just admit it, you never cared about us. You cared about how we made you feel about “helping” us. 

 I will own this with resolve to move forward. 

It’s always nice when people are willing to own their own stupidity. Good job!

Although my life and heart have been given back in pieces, I will gather those pieces and walk away.

Oh, well at least you get to walk away…again, tell it to all of the Covid-19 victims who didn’t get to walk away last year.

 I’ll put those pieces together and create something new. 

Just make sure it doesn’t have any mRNA! Wouldn’t want to risk becoming magnetic or 5G…

I’ll rely on the friends I have made in this fight.

Ah, yes, fellow hypocrites! Perhaps the next time you plague rats all get together, you can research ‘herd immunity’…

 I’ll rely on my family for the days when the fight seems to be too great. 

It’s a vaccination, not a crucifixion. Come talk when the enemy is your own immune system, instead of some pretentious contrarian bullshit.

How about when you have to rely on your family because your DMARD treatment for your incurable chronic autoimmune disease makes you too ill and too fatigued to do anything other than lay there because there is no other choice but to treat it through biologic medication unless you want the disease to take over completely and destroy you from the inside out. Kinda like Covid-19, destroying from the inside out. 

But I will walk away knowing I have an army of people behind me.

The only “army” standing behind you consists of the many chronic health condition patients gladly watching you leave the healthcare industry giving a nice sendoff of middle fingers, or from the more generous, hands waving goodbye as we all breathe a sigh of relief from behind our masks…knowing that one less idiot is risking our lives when we seek out medical care

I will walk away, but…I will do it on my own terms. 

That’s strange. I thought the whole reason for this was because you refuse to follow the terms of your employment by getting vaccinated against Covid-19. You’re nothing more than a sniveling brat having a tantrum for no good reason other than to serve your own ego. 

Head held high. Full of pride for giving my all to this fight. 

What fight? Refusing to get vaccinated as required by your employer is not a fight. It’s a tantrum. You are throwing a tantrum, when you should have gotten vaccinated a long fucking time ago like the rest of us. 

Full of pride because I will always be able to tell my son, I STOOD UP FOR WHAT WAS RIGHT FOR ME. 

No, you stood up for what best served your ego. It was never about us patients. It was always about you. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the same regarding your child. 

I will miss it…but I will walk away.

Bye bye bye! We won’t miss you. Especially since we know without a doubt that it was never really about helping or healing us, but about serving you and your ego. 

The ableism of refusing a vaccine because your employer, a healthcare facility, requires it for employment in a pandemic! You are a danger to patients and should never work in healthcare again. Good riddance!

#savefreedom #stopthemandate

#GetVaccinated #PlagueRat

If you enjoyed this post or wish to recommend any particular healthcare worker’s ridiculous proclamation of so-called martyrdom for me to bitch apart, please leave a comment!

Stay safe in this pandemic and get vaccinated!

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