NextDoor: A Series… Suburbanites Crowing About Welfare Abuse


Apologies for the lack of blog posts especially in this past year. I’ve been focused on quite a few other things other than NextDoor, especially since one main problematic poster on there was removed for his repeated promotion of Trump rhetoric with pandemic anti-masking and making health recommendations when he’s a handyman and not a doctor. So things have been generally peaceful. Generally…

But today I look at the posts to find one that has been around for a week or so regarding thanking taxpayers for their public contributions towards a valued program for a disabled child’s needs. Which ultimately I really hold no problem with because I am all for public service. I believe and support public funding of programs. However what I will not stand for is the bullshit that I found in the comments today which I plan to address here. I also posted the same words on next door to these people however it will likely be removed because our leads are quite biased, sheltered, and racist. They don’t know what myself and my friends and coworkers have learned in the course of our work. They Have never had to look into the eyes of the clients that we have had to and be limited by policies.

So this goes out to Brian, who’s stated that “More money should go to those in need to struggle with physical or mental issues, like your son and less tax dollars should be going towards those who are able to work but don’t want to, and those who purposely have numerous children out of wedlock in order to get free money from taxpayers” and Stephanie, who stated “Yes and now that I have a son who legitimately will never be able to work in an living for himself, it hurts even more to see the people who abuse it.”

I have worked in this field for over 15 years. It has changed me not only as a woman, especially a white woman but also as a human. I went from being a conservative Republican, raised Catholic in a military family, who always voted Republican. And then this work changed me. I’m not going to stand for this bullshit being said about real people whom I have connected with in an effort to help them while limited by public policies. I’m not going to stand for people saying shit about them as they try and survive in a society that only wants to punish the poor, those in poverty, especially in generational poverty after slavery supposedly ended.

An interesting thing that I have noticed about living in the suburbs (especially since I’m no longer on military bases as an adult, which could often include a mix of different cultures of people especially in Okinawa) is that they don’t like it when you stand up for something that is outside the white bread Pinterest board of their community. They just don’t like it. You’re supposed to agree with them and never challenge their assumptions about life outside of their bubble. Well, that’s not how I am. And honestly that’s not how I was really raised either. I’ve had people in front of me tell me their deepest secrets, what’s going on, crying in front of me to try and explain why their situation is what it is. They deserve better from us. Especially those who judge them. And now someone on that post is asking me why I had to ruin the feel-good emotions of Stephanie’s original post, even though Stephanie was making judgments about people on welfare utilizing these programs. I’m not going to stand for that shit. I’m not going to stand for it at all. Especially after everything I have learned in service to them.

I’m not standing for this shit today.

Who wants to bet that Brian there and Stephanie are all  clueless suburbanites who know nothing about generational depression, trauma, racism, and poverty.? Y’all know what I do and how I’ve been educated by it.

People who struggle to do work activities or keep a job aren’t abusing it. Especially if they have untreated physical or mental health conditions, are a single parent, depend on public transportation, have a criminal record (even moresso if it’s from weed!), have a history of working multiple jobs at once, and are so fucking stressed out by dealing with the public welfare agencies. And let’s not forget that the entire system of government is designed to work against the poor and minorities in the first place (if you want to talk about abuse…)

Meanwhile, Becky with the perfect Pinterest hair and the perfect Pinterest Live Laugh Love porch display in the form of a painted wooden board with their surname written in overly done cursive announcing their family’s superior togetherness apples for benefits and conveniently fails to report that her husband and father of children lives in the home! And he works a full time job that pays beyond FPL. Like beyond beyond! And she’s doing it because another Becky at the salon told her how to lie to the agency to get free benefits (it’s not free, see sanctions and overpayments policy…oh and work activities and the Medicaid policy regarding your estate when you die…it’s never free!)

“Just pretend you’re a single mom””
Do realize how insulting that game is to actual single mothers out there.  (By the way, legal status of marriage doesn’t matter if he’s the father, so…)

THAT is abuse.

And those who pull that stunt? It’s nothing new. It’s not clever. Workers have developed an eyeroll and a head shake from figuring it out so much.

Abuse is not poor people and those in poverty trying to utilize a system that appears to exist to help them BUT ACTUALLY is designed to continue to punish them in their poverty for generations.

That’s gaslighting.
That’s abuse of their survival, not abuse from them. Survival on $234 a month isn’t abuse.

Now the mention of women bearing multiple children by any man? In a society where the burden of birth control is on the woman who ovulated once a month for only so many years versus men who can inseminate multiple times on multiple days for multiple years until the day they die?

Sit down.
It’s  a complex women’s issue (with personal,  generational, etc aspects) that cannot be resolved by welfare assistance eligibility nor by limiting their fertility.

That’s eugenics. And we know exactly who it would be designed to target. Beckies always get a pass with their Pinterest pin board family.

Never forget that whyte supremacy purposely destroyed the Black family by stealing these women’s men and children from them to be sold on the auction block for free labor (which also wasn’t free. Blood, sweat, and tears are not free.)

And these whyte suburbanites want to crow about all these women (oh, we know exactly what you mean) who (purposely have numerous children out of wedlock…” They probably also think that generational trauma doesn’t shape behavior and patterns within families.

Slavery wasn’t that long ago. Civil Rights era wasn’t that long ago. They care more about these women “abusing welfare” than they do about their lives. Yall just want to keep punishing them. Generation after generation. As though they deserve nothing after we created the monster that eats them up and spits them out. And y’all expect them to just wake up with your same privilege one day and be the perfect robot who does what they’re supposed to, as if y’all are perfect robots. As if y’all know better than they do because y’all had it easier.

Meanwhile when y’all are denied welfare benefits, you pull the “I bet if I was Black, you’d help me!”

Sit down.

This has been mr TED Talk.

NextDoor, A Series…


Or why it’s a bad idea to remind Trump supporters, especially here in Ohio, that they’re Trump supporters during the festive holiday season. They get so upset…it’s fascinating how they don’t realize that they’re just telling on themselves.

My commentary is in bold below. I must say that “copy text from image” is the most amazing thing ever! Made this all a bit easier. I do have the screenshots to back it up.

So it began…Amber and Ricky have a Christmas display on their corner lot. Someone wrote a card saying that it’s awesome and wonderful because pandemic depression and she shared it on NextDoor. After a bit, someone asked which house and she described it. I realized that’s that Trump supporter house that I’ve been flipping off all year (if it’s got a Trump sign and same for the ones with police support signs that became a thing here after all of the Black Lives Matter protests, it’s the least y’all deserve. Though the ones with Jesus 2020 signs and police support signs are the ones that I laugh at because Pontius Pilate).


Amber says:
Hi our house sits at the corner or Blah Blah and Blargh- we have a replica leg lamp in our front window – stop by and enjoy the light show
I recognized this location, as I pass it by to get to a major road…and have flipped it off for months accordingly. So I asked…

Amber, The house that had the Trump and Pence mannequins?

Kris, not really sure why that’s relevant or related to this post

Oh, please. Yes, you do know. You just don’t like it. It means that you’re a hypocrite, supporting Trump and decorating for Christian Christmas. Anyways, I went ahead and explained why in my trademark deadpan. I did get a like from one neighbor before my comment was deleted.

Amber, I have a long memory regarding neighbors and their values. Trump supporters are unforgivable in my mind and heart.
It’s true. Don’t trust a Trump supporter. Expect a cup of sugar and all you’ll get is salt. And even that’s not seasoned right. Just all around bad.

Kris, you might wanna check your heart and values. Someone’s political views have zero
to do their heart and intentions Kettering offers plenty of great church’s hopefully you find one
that forgives your cold heart (edited)

Is she for real? Like really real? How does she not comprehend that one’s political views have EVERYTHING to do with their heart and intentions? Is she not human? Well, you know…that would actually explain things. It’s interesting how these Trump supporting Christians recommend church attendance and expect one to require forgiveness from an organization that one is expected to tithe to weekly. So I was raised Catholic and obtained 5 of the 7 Sacraments (I’m not a priest and I married an Athiest) and decided to leave the Church because I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy, the abuse, and discrimination against so many. It didn’t feel Holy. Throw shame at a gay person, but protect the priestly pedophiles is not Holy. If I want to experience the Holy, I go outside and plant flowers in my yard and watch the earthworms squirm around. But then I shouldn’t be surprised that they fail to see themselves… because these types also refuse to admit what having a police support sign in the yard of their white flight suburb actually means to Black neighbors. Basically, the golden ticket in their yard for when the Black Lives Matter protests riot in their streets. That’s what they fear, anyway. They’ve said as much on NextDoor since the protests increased this year.

Kris: your political comment has no place on this thread. Please stay on topic and be civil in your conversation (edited)
I am being civil. My lack of cussing on NextDoor really should count for something. It’s funny how they all think they know me, isn’t it, friends? Just wait til my next comment…

Benita, Jesus was a brown (with potentially Black) refugee protester who was targeted, arrested, and executed for so-called “political crimes” (read: being a threat) against those in power, so I respectfully disagree.

If you ever want to piss off a white Christian hypocrite, just remind them that Jesus wasn’t white. They get all “how dare you…” It’s wild.

Kris, again your comment had no place in this post. Glad you have a place to voice your comments!

This is just bizarre as a response. So here, I think she’s referring to the private group on NextDoor that I created this year called “Progressives in Suburbia.” I created this group as a shelter in the storm of NextDoor/Trump’s presidency/this pandemic that exists due to Trump supporters and anti-maskers in our area being given permission to be abusive entitled assholes towards anyone who points out logic, science, and common sense. Oh, and Black Lives Matter. Especially when they’re discussing police support. That really triggers these snowflakes. There are two additional admins in the group due to the local Leads love for trying to suspend me repeatedly. One time, just moments before a suspension kicked me out, I received notification that Benita requesting to join the group. Yes, really. Her request was dismissed. I don’t need bullshit mucking about in a space for us all to breathe and de-stress.

Ricky: Kris, we are really friendly neighbors no matter who you support with that being said if ever need a ride to the mental hospital please message us.

So here, he’s just showing us exactly why he’s perfectly comfortable being a Trump supporter. Recall when Trump mocked the disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski. So friendly. So nice. Paragon of virtue.

Benita: I am sorry that every post turns into a discriminatory or derogatory or political comment on a certain neighbors part. her report of my comment to be removed and being a hypocrite all at the same time, speaks volumes of this person. No need to be hateful and call names. I wish you Kris, the best of the holiday seasons (since between now and mid January there are about 20+ people can celebrate).

But she’s not sorry to protect and uphold white supremacy, Trump supporters, and anti-maskers on NextDoor. She calls it all a difference of opinion. Human rights? Difference of opinion. Wearing masks in a pandemic? Difference of opinion. Oh, and her classic: racism is just difference of opinion. She has demanded that we be nice to people making racist comments on NextDoor. Oh, and don’t dare call them that word. That’s mean. She likes to pull the community guidelines out for that. Be nice…fuck no, racists actively saying shit don’t deserve shit. Oh, and my report of her comment wasn’t to be removed. It was to again point out that she shouldn’t be a Lead. Reminding her over and over that she shouldn’t be a Lead.

Benita: Ricky, try not to get caught up in her diatribe of insults and reporting on what was a nice neighborly and thankful post during a trying time for everyone. It takes all kinds to make the world go round!

Calling people “Trump supporters” is an insult now? Good to know! I’m sorry but I’m not thankful for having Trump supporters in the neighborhoods, who supported a sociopath who actively ignored a pandemic and has cost hundreds of thousands of U.S. American lives. It’s a trying time directly because of it. Their support of Trump and his presidency led us into this damn pandemic, so don’t try and act like a Christmas yard display and fucking leg lamp in your window is going to forgive it or somehow make it all better. It’s just lipstick on a pigg. It takes all kinds to make the world go round? Really. Unfortunately, it also takes all kinds to fuck up the world and y’all are on that list. Remember, Leave It to Beaver and all of those tv shows that fill you with nostalgia were based on bullshit social expectations, misogyny, lies. Hello, Pleasantville.

I responded…
Benita, It’s interesting how blind y’all are. I reported on how you shouldn’t be a Lead due to
your need to suppress people speaking up and out and Ricky was reported for mocking disabled people in his attempt to insult me (just like Trump). But go on, keep telling on yourselves. I want the neighborhood to see who y’all really are, even though Jesus already knows.

Oh, Ricky…Ricky, Ricky…tsk tsk. Poor thing, not so bright.

Kris, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I’m quite certain that I was appropriately coherent in my response above to them. They’re just exceedingly dumb. He doesn’t see anything wrong in making a reference to mental health hospitals as if I’m crazy. This is nothing new. White men have been calling us women hysterical for ages. It’s just that now they can’t put us away in an asylum as they could “back in the good ol’ days.” He brings up God as if he knows her intimately. I bet he thinks God resembles some old, white man. Likely with a bad orange spray tan. Now God, to my mind, is a Black woman. I think she’s a bit busy right now welcoming the pandemic Dead and the Black murder victims of police. She’s busy listening to the anger of the Ancestors and families of the murdered as they demand justice. She doesn’t have time for white tears and supremacy.

Kris,yes, you are right Kris. When the topic warrants comments, you will find you are reported way before I even check on those reports. When you go off topic to drive a conversation or dig to name call, label and categorize, different story. Life is too short, and I am sure depending on which Jesus any person talks to, at the end of the day, our hearts know. Have a wonderful weekend and a great Holiday Season!

There’s more than one Jesus? What, the white one and the real one? So what Benita here is referring to has occurred over the past year; she thinks that referring to racist people as racists is name-calling. That should tell you everything you need to know. She thinks that calling other white people out on their racist commentary is mean and unneighborly. I guess she wants us to get their white hoods washed and pressed for them too, hm? Then she points out that life is too short. Elsewhere on this blog, I have a post from this year that has a list of Black victims of police murder. Those lives were cut short. Did you know that growing old as a Black person is considered such a gift and a blessing because it is not guaranteed nor expected for them in our society? Yeah, so they don’t get to spend the holidays or even lunch from Subways with their family because y’all prefer to support police over Black Lives Mattering. We can see where your hearts truly lie. Read that again.

Benita, Amber asked why I cared about the identity of her house. I told her. Not my problem if y’all don’t like being exposed. (edited) (My edit was to correct an auto-correct error.) Read on to see how Benita still doesn’t get it. I suppose my expectations are far too high. I mean, she is a white Boomer after all.

Exposed? Because others viewpoints differ from yours? Can we say in a neighborly way the house …blah, blah blah without getting on a tirate to expose what? Political sign or house for sale sign? What the difference. That if her neighbors needed her she would be there no matter what? That when it snows she may shovel her neighbors side walk or pick up trash blown in her yard? Nextdoor is about neighbors and neighborly actions and comments to help us have a better community. Love and peace out!

So just to review, being a white person who calls out any racist shit or rhetoric on NextDoor in a white flight suburban city is unneighborly. Also, there’s no difference between a political sign or a yard sign, or really even a human rights sign to Benita. Let’s just be real on what that reveals about a person.

Can I say in a neighborly way the house blah blah blah? No, I actually was quite civil in the direct description I provided. Because what I really wanted to say was: Oh, are you the dumbass Trump supporter house that had the stupid Trump and Pence mannequins in your side yard, with the multiple Trump and police support signs (upholding that white supremacy, yeehaw!) plus an idiotic Trump flag? Was that y’all? OH yeah, and the Hillary Clinton mannequin in a jail cell back in 2016? (I don’t forget…) because if anyone actually should be in jail, it’s your Trump god. Rape, assault, financial fraud…pick one.

Meanwhile, our communities punish Black people for even less. Where is their love? Their peace?

But as you can see, she just kept on telling on herself. She reminds me of the sort who would give away the location of slaves or Jews hiding from their oppressors while actively being hunted. She actively suppressed Black Lives Matter discussion until NextDoor changed the guidelines within this year. The days of Leave It to Beaver and the Andy Griffith show are over. Nostalgia is a feeling based on illusion and emotion. The USA wasn’t great back then either. I wonder though… If a cross was burnt in the yard of a house in her neighborhood, would she demand them to refer to the hate crime in a more neighborly way so as not to offend the white supremacist neighbor who lit the match?

There is no peace until Black Lives Matter.

Ricky decided that he hadn’t dug his hole deep enough and contributed this:

Kris You can expose us all you want I’m pretty sure every neighbor knows we voted Trump and for your info that wasn’t Pence next to Trump That was actually Biden Sniffing Trump cause I am that person that doesn’t give a shit who gets offended and no matter who wins the presidency I will support that president that wins I won’t cry and complain the next 4 years I’ll continue to get up and put on my boots and go to work to support my family. Merry Christmas enjoy the lights from us Trump Supporters !

He’s that person who doesn’t give a shit who gets offended. Right-o. Unless it’s him, as evidenced by his responses. I offended poor Ricky, by pointing out that his support of Trump makes for a shitty human. You’d think they wouldn’t be so bothered by being called out for being trash, I mean, Trump supporters. After all, they’re so proud of their trash…Trump. Why though, I don’t understand. Trump can’t even find a decent tan spray. Nor can he drink or stand properly. Such an embarrassment.

Kris, you are becoming everything you claim to hate

So Jack here lives up a street from me. From what I’ve been able to gather, he’s still a kid. I don’t like to pick on kids. They’re a product of their parents, after all. Which is evidenced by his response.

It’s interesting how white people in general get mad at being called out for their hate. The only weapon they have to lob back is an accusation of hate against them. This isn’t hate. I’m wary of your worth as a decent human being. I question it. I think y’all are untrustworthy, stupid, and the sort to hide a zombie bite during a zombie apocalypse. There were, probably still are, Vets for Trump. I’m the daughter of a USMC officer and as a result, grew up moving around, living on military bases and outside the U.S. so just seeing those Vet for Trump signs… Trump bought his way out of serving while how many others had to be drafted and died or were injured in his place? What number was called up because he got out of it? He’s a traitor to this country, to military service, and the fact that y’all refuse to see it is concerning. I grew up as the daughter of a Marine. I know what honor looks like and it’s not Trump.

Jack, I just want to thank all of you on this thread for doing all of the work for me, in revealing yourselves. Tres magnifique!

I mean, they really did all the work for me. Jack is only tagged there due to being the last in the thread.

Kris Seaman and you are what? Revealing yourself as well…laissez le bon temps rouler

Yes, I’ve revealed myself on NextDoor repeatedly as someone bringing up Anti-Racism and questioning y’all for your fear of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. I’m sorry…would you like me better if I upheld your problematic bullshit and allowed the matter of human rights to merely be a difference of opinion?

Then Benita went back and edited her comment to this:

Kris Seaman and you are free to say anything you like on any post…great to have those freedoms.

That was after I reported Benita the Lead with my usual “Yeah, so this is why you shouldn’t be a Lead.” Apparently, Leads see the reports from comments and posts and then vote on their validity. NextDoor does not see these. So I often address her directly in my reports about her. Honestly, I have no problem with what these Trump supporters think of me. As if they actually have standards...

Benita, Interesting considering my comments are now deleted. But that’s okay because l have all the screenshots, including of your conveniently edited comments, viewable to the public.

Always screenshot their bullshit. Otherwise, they will attempt to gaslight you.

Kris, as do I. Sorry, I am sure this is all about you. I am not sure which comments but I am not the only lead who votes. Let’s not put blame on what one does not know. Appreciate you kind

She wants my kind consideration. This is the same person who, after I divulged the vandalism to the Black Lives Matter sign in my yard, she commented alleging that I created and placed (in perfect Karen level of craft effort…) the folded cardboard with ALL written on both sides taped to my sign myself. So I ordered this yard sign and placed it in my yard after incidents at work where a bunch of white Trump supporters went to HR to complain about Black coworkers wearing Black Lives Matter face masks, after watching my Black friends and coworkers bow their heads and get quiet after another Black life was deliberately extinguished, after their murderers got out on bond to go home, after listening to their stories of racism…to them, their children, their partners, their friends, their families. Every single one with multiple stories full of dread and fear. I believe Black people when they tell me so. Do you?

Further, I learned everything I needed to know about her when she backed up the Trump supporters, anti-maskers, and the racist commenters on NextDoor all year long. She attempts to only publicly castigate me in these posts. Ricky was not publicly castigated, instead she offered him sympathy and encouragement to not get so worked up over me. Meanwhile, he makes the mental health hospital insult. Right, so that’s not something to joke about. Ever. The fact that he thinks this is an appropriate response again is revealing.

Funny how Trump supporters demand to be respected, isn’t it? As if they have any standards…

What do you think? Stay safe out there!