I’m really tired of healthy people bitching about the inconveniences of face masks and social distancing during a pandemic of a viral illness. At least y’all get some warning and know it’s around.

With chronic illness, it comes out of fucking nowhere and one day, you’re just sitting there wondering why you can’t bend your damn fingers. Why it hurts to get out of a chair. Why it hurts to lay in bed and you can’t sleep because it’s constant. And there’s no fucking cure. You’re stuck with a new normal and life is never again the same.

June marks 25 years since my diagnosis. Next fall season will mark my 26th year. I went from Fall to June and was becoming a cripple, at age 15/16. And people wanna complain about the pandemic new normal and wearing a face mask for an ounce of prevention.

Do you know how many of us wish we could have prevented our chronic incurable painful disease? So many people have already been robbed by Covid-19…patients, families, dead or injured. Why can’t anyone fucking realize that you don’t ever get that shit back?! It’s priceless. Once it’s gone, it’s fucking gone forever.

Do you really want that kind of new normal? The kind with no new memories? The kind full of tears and dust in the wind? The kind of normal where you can’t really breathe, either because you’re sobbing from your loss so much or because your lungs are so scarred by viral disease.

You better take that last deep breathe now, it’s going to have to last you forevermore. Remember, there are no guarantees.

But if you had that one chance, just that one chance to stop it…would you?

I’m here to tell you that you should. Don’t rob yourself into being devastated by death or disease.

And you will feel devastated.

That I can guarantee.

One thought on “Pillage

  1. Rick Phillips

    There is no doubt the last breath will be too late to care. Yet most people will dare a lot on the last breath and wonder why this happened to me. I can hear it now, But it was hot and everyone was drinking and the pool was just sort of there. Or wow I had a great time, I know all those people were clear, after all if they were sick would they be in the pool?

    Or I know at least 10 people at that pool who are not dead. No doubt it was the Asian lady in front me at CVS that got me. It was the guy speaking Spanish who mows my yard that gave it to me. Because, after all it was some body else’s fault. Never mind, Someone else’s. Turn the page. .


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