Free Write: Afraid of Darkness

     Often when I participate in a local writing free-write style class, I find myself naturally writing in the manner below, especially at the start of the event. Meanwhile, others are writing in the style of a story scene with setting, action, dialogue, and tags. It’s as though my subconscious just wants to blurt out the truth of the subject being written.
     For this particular one, the theme was “What were you afraid of as a child?” We all listed off our own as we went around the table. I thought of a few, such as the bogeyman, walls closing in on me to the point of nothingness (a recurring dream theme as a kid), and my dolls coming to life during the night. I offered up my dolls as a writing sacrifice. Others shared that they were afraid of the darkness, whether in general, or in closets, or merely fearing what it hid.
     Given the opportunity to free write about another’s, I felt compelled to write about the Darkness. It spoke to me.
From 10/18/18:
     I am the darkness. Without me, there can be no Light. Only in darkness can Wisdom be found. The light at the end of the tunnel, it’s there, waiting way down deep beyond the grasp of your Hope.
     I hide in the Light. Not to be found so much as to linger.
     Do not fear me, for I am whole and full of life.
     The emptiness, a chasm, is mere illusion.
     I contain the parts that don’t show. I seem to consume, but really I only encompass what exists. I hold it in my grasp, wrap it around, and treasure what is visible.
     I am Life’s nest. Snug in the shadow of what lies beyond.
     Will you treasure Life? Or let it go?
     I will catch you as you fall into the end of time. Only I can comfort you as you journey Home, into the Light. I only seem like a dark and unforgiving hole into nothingness. But Life is there, on the other side.
     My silent partner. I am its grace, its companion, part of its soul. Together, we make the world whole.
     Day into Night. Dark into Light.
     Take the path that I reveal and follow it down to the end where Time is revealed.
     Only then, will you know.

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