Busy Bones


A macabre little free-write to share on a rather tense day:

She was running out of room.

Where could they go?

Her skeletons were all over the house! Pushed to the back of closets. Stuffed behind the couch. Hiding under beds and behind doors.

Was there anywhere else they could go?

The cellar long ago had ceased being an option.

That’s where she buried the bodies of her ghosts.It was packed down there, stuffed to the gills.

A festering tomb to behold.

No, the skeletons simply would not fit!

The attic was out too.

That’s where the ghosts liked to roam. Up in the cobwebs, whispering from corners.

They would resent the intrusion.

So many skeletons…yet no place for them to go!

Halloween was too far away to use as decorations.

If she put them out now, there would be questions…

2 thoughts on “Busy Bones

  1. Rick Phillips

    I suggest leaving it all out. Heck by the time you tired of it (I always give it two weeks at my house) it might be time to put it out again. Think of the labor I just saved you.

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