Every Public Service Job Counts…(and Zazzle products list)


Or rather, “All Public Service Jobs Matter” though Zazzle holds a policy against usage of “All” combined with “Matter” unless it is specifically for Black Lives Matter. I’m guessing that some assholes decided to be assholes against the #BlackLivesMatter movement and so the policy had to be implemented.

So I was inspired to create this motto in response to the sprouting up of police support signs in the white-flight suburb of Kettering, Ohio and Oakwood, Ohio (where local police hold a propensity for pulling over Black drivers.)

The racist motivation behind the signs is quite clear, as much as they may refuse it, deflect it, or attempt to excuse it. It is known that many in the area were motivated to purchase those signs due to the so-called “police hate” resulting from the protests for Black Lives and equality that have taken place across this country.

Well, two can play at that game.

So after creating a design, I got on Zazzle.com to start making items that point out public service is a JOB. A job. Clock in, clock out. Jobby job job. A position with duties, perhaps a uniform. At the very least, a dress code. Supervisors. Management.

Essentially, the usual trope against Black Lives Matter is that “all lives matter.” So my response to the racist “we support the police” signs is that “all public service jobs matter” but again, through the wording that every public service job counts. Public service is public tax dollars at work. Doesn’t every dollar count?

Cops always get the most credit. But what about the other agencies and departments, the many essential workers keeping the community running smoothly? Oh, but cops protect us, eh?

What about the people working in the public sanitation and solid waste? You think they aren’t protecting you too?

Oh, but cops get yelled at and have to deal with unreasonable people, angry people, etc. and so forth, eh?

There are so many public servants in various offices and agencies who, in the course of a workday, handle and speak with angry citizens, recipients, clients, etc. And they often are held accountable if something improper is done in terms of case work, eligibility, or any number of things impacting the public.

Lastly, for the locals, don’t try to throw the police in the faces of Black people who live in suburban neighborhoods. They can already tell that you’re a scared racist asshole by the Trump signs and flags in your yard.

This is intended as a form of Good Trouble, as coined by the late American statesman and civil rights leader John Lewis. Proceeds from the sale of items will be donated to a local Dayton/Miami Valley Area organization that is centered on Black Lives.

Zazzle Product List & Links

Any Special Requests? Please message through Zazzle here: https://www.zazzle.com/mbr/238522903367400552

Direct link to store: https://www.zazzle.com/store/galwithgloves

Since not all items may be visible at this time…

1. Black cotton mask: 

2. White cotton mask:

3. Square Magnet:

4. White metal lunch box:

5. Blue metal lunch box:

6. Poster:

7. Key chain:

8. Button:

9. Square paper coaster:

10. Square sticker:

11. Men's basic shirt:

12. Women's basic shirt:

13. Hand sanitizer:

14. Banner:

15. Tote bag:

16. Mouse pad:

17. Thermal tumbler travel mug:

18. Large mug:

19. Regular mug:

20. Car magnet:

21. Rectangle sticker:

22. 18x24 yard sign:

23. 12x18 yard sign:

24. Bandana: 

25. Men's hoodie: 

26. Women's hoodie: 

27. 24x36 yard sign: 

One thought on “Every Public Service Job Counts…(and Zazzle products list)

  1. Rick Phillips

    How fun. I used to bargain with police officers, teachers, firefighters, school bus drivers and city department workers. My favorite were the police officers and teachers, but the ones I had the most difficulty with were the city department workers (Parks, Street, Sanitation, Traffic, and Waste Water treatment workers). Now if I were still doing that I woudl buy and wear one of these to bargain. I might be a hit with the bargaining unit. Heck I might even buy all 200 one of these and put them in the settlement. 🙂 Now that would be a hoot !!!


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